Siren Head Walkthrough Guide: Step-by-Step with Images and Video

Siren Head walkthrough guide with step-by-step instructions, images, and video to help you complete the game.

You can watch a video walkthrough or follow a step-by-step tutorial with annotated images.

Developed by SLN Games and released on August 1, 2020 for the iOS platform.

The game is free with no ads.

Game Description

Siren Head originally created by: Trevor Henderson

Story: You are a journalist who went join his friends camping in a forest.. But something terrible happened once you got there.

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Siren Head Walkthrough

1. Go down the road

2. Pick up the camera

3. Climb up to the top of the watch tower

4. Take a picture of Siren Head

5. Climb up to the top of the watch tower

6. Take another picture of Siren Head

7. Take a picture of Siren Head destroying the house

8. Wait for Siren Head to leave and go into the house ruins

9. When you enter the house take a right

10. Pull the switch

11. Go back to the tent at the start

12. Go down the road and escape

13. The End

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