Ice Scream United Rod Walkthrough Guide: Step-by-Step with Images and Video

Ice Scream United Rod walkthrough guide with step-by-step instructions, images, and video to help you complete the game.

You can watch a video walkthrough or follow a step-by-step tutorial with annotated images.

Developed by Keplerians and released on April 1, 2023 for iOS and Android platforms.

Keplerians also made games like Mr. Meat, Evil Nun, Scary Witch and many more mobile games.

The game is free with ads but you can remove them with in-app purchase.

Game Description

Enter Rod’s factory once again to discover Ice Scream United, a new online cooperative game inside the Ice Scream saga by Keplerians.

After a fortuitous lightning strike on the factory, the security system has been reset and has freed J. and his friends from the cages in which they were locked up. Play as the group of kids by collaborating with 3 other players and solve puzzles to escape from the ice cream factory while facing a Rod controlled by a fifth player who will try to capture you.

Key features:

– Cooperative multiplayer: Cooperate with other players in real time and solve puzzles to escape the factory as a team.

Control the villain: Take the role of Rod and capture the rest of the players to win the game.

– Private matches: Invite your friends to come in and play with you.

– Defend yourself from Rod: Craft or find weapons and defend your friends.

– Quick-time event showdowns: When Rod catches you, you can escape from his clutches by overcoming a precision mini-game.

– Spectator mode: If Rod catches you twice, you will become a ghost and you will be able to watch the outcome of the game by roaming the map at will.

– Ranking: Depending on how you play and your achievements during the game, you will get a final score. Compete with the other players to be the M.V.P.

– An alternative history: Experience the escape from the factory from a new point of view where, after the events of IS3, the children join forces to escape from Rod and reach freedom as a team.

If you want to enjoy an experience of horror and fun in the company of other players, play “Ice Scream United: Multiplayer” now. Action and scares are guaranteed.

It is recommended to play with headphones for a better experience.

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Ice Scream United Rod Walkthrough Guide

1. Pick up ice creams from the fridge (you need them to catch the kids)

2. Use the freeze ability to slow the kids and then use the ice creams to catch them

3. After the second hit with the ice cream they disappear

4. If you catch all 4 kids or the time runs out you win

5. The End

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