Death Attraction Walkthrough Guide: Step-by-Step with Images and Video

Death Attraction walkthrough guide with step-by-step instructions, images, and video to help you complete the game.

You can watch a video walkthrough or follow a step-by-step tutorial with annotated images.

Developed by AvinDevGames and released on February 1, 2023 for Android platform.

Death Attraction 2 was announced in last year’s Christmas update.

The game is free with ads but you can remove them with in-app purchase.

Game Description

🎈 Death Attraction is a horror game, created by one developer, inspired by the movie “IT”, “The Spell” and the beautiful game “Death Park” : The last thing I remember was playing outside in rainy weather, playing with a paper boat. Suddenly I heard someone’s voice from the manhole by the road, this someone called me by name. When I got closer to the hatch, I saw a smiling clown below, he said he was stuck and couldn’t get out, and asked for help. He seemed cheerful to me, but his burning eyes were terrifying. At some point he fell silent, I tried to take a step back, but my legs wouldn’t obey me, he abruptly stuck his huge hand out of the hatch and dragged me into the hatch, I don’t remember anything else. Now I do not know where I am, I need to get out of here as soon as possible!

what awaits you?

🎈 Scary home horror escape game

🎈 Creepy atmosphere

🎈 Scary horror 3d

🎈 Clown neighbor

🎈 Horror house

🎈 Offline

🎈 FPS Movement

🎈 Cool graphics

🎈 Different endings of the game

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Death Attraction Walkthrough Guide

1. Get the safety pin

2. Use the safety pin to unlock the door

3. Get the cleaner from the kitchen

4. Use the cleaner to clean the bathtub

5. Get the wrench

6. Use the wrench to unscrew the bolt on the toilet

7. Get the handle

8. Put the handle on the music box

9. Get the rusty key

10. Hide behind the table and wait for the clown to go left

11. Go into the clown’s room

12. Get the fuse

13. Use the rusty key to unlock the fuse box

14. Place the fuse

15. Go to the dark room which is now lit up

16. Get the crowbar

17. Go to the clown’s room again

18. Use the crowbar on the coffin

19. Get the cookie

20. Get the dirty sheet from the basket from the clown’s room

21. Place the cookie on the crumbs

22. Get the film strip that the spider drops

23. Get the safety pin from the closet

24. Use the safety pin to unlock the door

25. Go to the dark room and place the sheet on the wall

26. Insert the film strip into the projector

27. Get the code

28. Use the code on the electric lock

29. Pass the maze

30. Go into the sewer to escape

31. The End

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